Ash-LEIGH (xokissesashxo) wrote in hot_fucks_05,


Hey everyone,

Alright, so here is the deal. Ive had alot of things going on right now, and i havnt had much time for LJ. My co-mod Leah isnt a big Lj-er herself, and so basicly, im looking for a new MODD for about a week. I need someone who is active, and will cope with all the points, and keeping everything in check for me. I will add you as a MODD, so u will be able to acess all the info and stuff, so when new members come, you can add their name to the list and whatnot. So yeah. If you wanna be the co-modd, leave ur name, and tell me why i should choose you. But hurry, i dont know when im gonna choose, but it'll probably be tmro.

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