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so back, i had a tan/sunburn.  my cousin's girlfriend's son is like...stalking me.  ive got a bagillion bugbites....................i dunno what else...i got a new dress for the dance finally, i like this one A LOT, i got a fake seatbelt bag, and its like falling apart, o well i love it

heres some pictures from when i went to say goodbye at mine and hannah's art teacher's house thursday (i dont have the tennessee pictures on webshots yet, i'll do it tomorrow along with the pictures im taking tomorrow in DC


 Dana and Hannah



Hannah's arm with my good-bye message on it

my arm with Hannah's good-bye message on it

Mrs Hawkins, Veronica, Hannah, me

 the WHOLE not gonna name everybody, you can find me and hannah

Hannah and Dana

hannah and me thought it would be funny to take a picture of the other person taking a picture

Hannah's latest masterpeice...she says its not done yet


there were more but they were of people not in the communoty so i didnt post them

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