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Thats HOT

And you know it

R u HOT?
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♥1.When posting your app, please put it under a LJ cut! If you don’t, it will be deleted.
♥2.Don’t vote on new members until you have been accepted.
♥3.On the subject line of your application, please put “I think I am a hot fuck", and for the cut title, put "Am I hot"
Just so we know you read the rules. :-D
♥4. Don’t type LyKe DiS, it gets very annoying.
♥5. Once you join, you have 2 days to post an application, if you don’t post an app,
You will be deleted from the community.
♥7.If you get rejected, wait a week, and re-apply. If you get rejected again, well I
Think you should get the hint!
♥8.Please don’t make excuses for the promoting. There are banners, so promote.
All you have to do is copy the code underneath the banner you want. Could it be much simpler?

♥1.Stay active!
♥2.When posting more than one picture, please LJ-cut it.
♥4.Speak your mind to the new applicants.
♥5.Respect your mod's!

See, im a nice modd, and i made the application easy for you!! But do not, i repete, do not USE RICH TEXT!!!!, it will fuck it all up. So just dont.

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:::This community used to be hows_it_goin, but i deleted something, and so then i wasnt the MODD anymore, so i moved it to here. For the members of hows_ti_goin, you dont have to re-apply, just go on as normal. Keep voting and promoting.:::
<3 Your MODD Ashleigh

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This weeks theme is shoes! Take pictures of your shoes, your friends shoes, anyone's shoes. Just take pictures, or post pictures from the internet of shoes. :)
♥ Ashleigh xoxo

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Okay, our point system works like this...everytime you participate in a theme, you get 10 points, for promoting, and giving a link you get 5 point. At the end of the month, i will tally up all your points, and whoever has the most, will get one auto-accept/reject pass. That means that, if you really like someone, or relly disslike someone, you can auto accept them, or auto reject them. Which means you have the power to decide if they are allowed in or not. And everyone elses opinions dont mattter. :). But, you can only use it on one person, so use it wisley. So, this is the points system.
Themes~10 points
Promotions~ 5 points *for each promotion with a link or if you get mentions in someone's application.*

___undeniable~0 Points
blondie240~5 Points
callmetori134~ 15 Points
italiankys17~10 Points
journalshater~0 Points
kittykat162007~0 Points
nokidhero~0 Points
xokissesashxo~ 10 Points
xxxlove6t9xxx ~10 Poins

Accepted members
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If you would like your member picture changing, just ask.

:-D...now please come join!!! The banners to promote are at the top. Click on the link under our name. :)